How to Travel on A Budget

Yeah, business class is cool but have you ever tasted the mac & cheese on Jetstar?

Hannah Furst
3 min readNov 21, 2022


Photo by Josh Withers on Unsplash

Is it just me or did everyone go to Europe this year? Yes, Europe, where there’s a bar in the Greek Islands allegedly charging 500 euros for a dozen oysters and a few rounds of drinks.

So, if your budget is more “oyster sauce” than “oysters”, here are my top tips for travelling on a budget:

1. Find the best hotel deals online

You need to become the master at finding cheap hotel deals online, even if that means sacrificing precious beach time to spend hours on your laptop searching for your next hotel room. I remember once, I found a villa right on a quiet, crystal-clear beach for only $40 a night. You can’t even get a hostel bed in Europe for that much.

Okay, so the plumbing wasn’t the best, and once a day the toilet would stop flushing altogether, and occasionally a poo wouldn’t go down all the way.

But… Toilet schmoilet! $40 for your own private beach villa??? Totally worth it.

2. Find the best local spots to eat

Authentic food IS THE BEST. It’s also cheaper than eating out at fancy schmancy restaurants. That’s why when I’m in Thailand, I always eat at my favourite local spot: 7-Eleven. I highly recommend this local 7-Eleven delicacy — the toastie. I’m not even joking. You won’t find these in Australia.

There’s an entire wall dedicated to toasties: plain cheese, ham & cheese, sausage cheese & fried egg, shredded pork & salad cream, banana cream & chocolate, tuna, mashed potato, crabstick & corn, carbonara, custard… The list goes on.

3. Choose a budget airline

Only choose an airline where the cost of the flight is the same as the cost of adding a 20kg bag. Because if you're going budget, baggage shouldn’t be included. Nothing should be included. Not even your seat. Not even water! You should be so thirsty on the flight that you don’t need to get up from your “assigned” middle seat to go to the bathroom.

4. Swap business class for a bus



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